About The Code Monks

We Passionate The Code Monks curious to solve various difficulties via software development. We started The Code Monks for FOSS. We like to give back to the community which we have learned a lot of knowledge from them.  

The Monks

Spikey sanju Waseem Akram theapache64
Android Developer & UI/UX Designer iOS Developer with Cyber Security Skills Android Developer & Kotlin Enthusiast


Our Goal

To inspire and nurture the human spirit with developers around the world

Our mission is to be one of the world’s leading developers and providers of various Free & Open-Source Sofware (FOSS) Projects via Best Explainer Blog & Videos. We seek to develop the most creative, innovative, and profitable Opensource project, UI/UX Design and Programming related contents in the Software world.


Our Spirit

100+ Free & Open-source software projects!

Our Vision is to Create 100+ Open-source projects within first six months from now. We’re planning to bring most complex & concepts project as an open source to The Code Monks Org.