August 3, 6 2023 – The Abbey of Gethsemani welcomed two postulants to the community a few days apart. Jésus Verdin arrived on August 1 and was officially received as a postulant on the 3rd. Angel San José arrived on August 4 and was officially received into the community on the 6th, which happened to be Transfiguration Sunday. Jésus and Angel will continue their Postulancy for one year, after which they will request entry into the Novitiate.

The Postulancy is a time of discernment, both for the postulants and for the community. Postulants learn about the history of monasticism, the teachings of the Church, and will work and pray with the community as community members. Most of all, they will learn about the monastic life by living it with their brothers, here at the abbey of Gethsemani, day by day. We hope that they are given the opportunity to grow in their love for God through the community by the practice of the monastic life.

We ask your prayers for Jésus and Angel as they work to discern their vocation through their postulancy.