March 25, 2023 – The Feast of the Annunciation – Fr. Raphael renews his vows

Today the community celebrated the feast of the Annunciation. We also celebrated the renewal of Fr. Raphael’s vows.

Fr. Raphael is now in his second year of the Juniorate. Each year, he makes the monastic vows of obedience, stability, and fidelity to the monastic life (conversatio morum) in the presence of the abbot and two witnesses.

One photograph below shows Fr. Raphael a few years ago as a novice with his two fellow novices, Br. Alberic and Br. Godric. They are now all Juniors together.

We congratulate Fr. Raphael on the renewal of his vows and look forward to working and worshipping with him and beside him in the coming year.